Monday, April 3, 2017

CWC Feedback - April 2017

CWC Parents/Supporters,


A couple of updates:


-          We are continually trying to improve and give the kids the best experience possible.  An important part of this is trying to gather feedback, please reach out to Jimmy Burns and Tommy Mello to provide feedback on:

o   What went well?

o   What could be improved?

o   Ideas for future sessions?


-          I want to acknowledge and thank all of the parent volunteers that helped out with many different aspects of the club this year.  Your support was greatly appreciated. 

o   We will be setting up some more formal roles for parent participation for the upcoming year and we hope that we will have similarly enthusiastic participation.


-          Even though the season is over please consider continuing to support the CWC via the Kroger Card reward program.

o   1.  Get a Krogers card

o   2.  Go to and create an account

o   3.  Click on "community" the tab at the top.  Go to Kroger community rewards

o   4.  Go to enroll or re-enroll now

o   5.  Go to Edit

o   6.  Search for Cavalier wrestling club or enter 93606

o   7.  The enrollment needs to be renewed every year.

o   DETAILS:  Once you have enrolled 5% of everything you buy(except gas)  is donated to the Cavalier Wrestling Club.  Often they will have deals such as double rewards when buying gift cards etc.   If you buy $100 in groceries the club gets $5. 


I hope that you all have a great off season.  For those of you with kids that want to stay on the mat, the Spring Session is underway, there will be the UVA camps this summer, and we will have a Fall Session.  Please see the web-site for announcements and details.



CWC President