Tuesday, December 23, 2014

CWC practice CANCELLED this Friday, 12/26

Dear CWC Parents,
There will no practice on Friday, 12/26.  We will resume practices next week on Monday, 12/29 and Friday, 1/2.  Both practices will begin at 6 pm in the UVA wrestling room at Onesty Hall. (Pee wee wrestlers are once again encouraged to come out for the Monday night practice, just like last night.)
Also, due to the UVA men's basketball game, we will need to cancel our practice on Tuesday, 12/30 as well.
Your kids did fantastic on the mats this week!  We had two great nights of practice, and we are looking forward to a lot more great wrestling next week and in the new year.
Happy Holidays!
Josh Walker
Cavalier Wrestling Club

Saturday, December 20, 2014

FW: CWC (Pee Wee) Practices Over The Holidays

Dear CWC Pee Wee Parents,
As we near the holidays, I wanted to update you on a few things and send out a reminder about our new practice times for the next two weeks, which is something Coach Gumlock announced during last Tuesday's practice.
Holiday Practice Schedule
For the next two weeks we will be unable to hold our pee wee practices at Albemarle High School.  To compensate for that, we will be holding a combined practice for all age groups on Monday, Dec 22 and again on Monday, Dec 29.  Practices will take place in the UVA Wrestling Room at Onesty Hall.  We will have a pee wee coach/coaches present at both of those practices, and we encourage you to join us.
Competition on January 4
The middle school and elementary wrestlers will be travelling to Orange for a match on Sunday, January 4, and they have invited the pee wee wrestlers to join them.  We do not require pee wee wrestlers to wrestle in competitions, as many of your children have only recently stepped onto a wrestling mat for the first time.  However, this is a good opportunity for our young wrestlers to have some fun and gain experience.  Coach Wiles has volunteered to go along and coach any pee wee wrestlers in attendance.  (Please note that it will be up to you as parents to organize travel for your children to competitions like this.  We will be in touch with more information, including time and location, in the coming weeks.)
Practice Time Change
When we return to the Albemarle High School wrestling room for Tuesday practices after the holidays, our practice start times will be pushed back slightly.  Moving forward, we will begin at 6:30 pm and practice until 7:30 pm.  The AHS athletic department has asked that we move our practice times back slightly, so as to allow more time for the Albemarle wrestlers to finish their workouts before we start filtering in on Tuesday evenings.
Thank you for helping us get this wrestling season off to a great start in our first few weeks.  I hope that you and your families all have safe and happy holidays!
All the best,
Josh Walker
Cavalier Wrestling Club

Thursday, December 18, 2014

CWC Update 12.17.14

Parents and wrestlers:


Great practice on Monday night!  We saw wrestlers showing super energy in learning the basics of bottom position, and in working on one of the best escapes out there, the inside standup.  We also saw a lot of positive attitude and sportsmanship among the wrestlers.  Great job!


I have a few information items for you:


1.      Holiday practice schedule: We will be having the "Building Basics" practice on Monday the 22nd and Monday the 29th, as normally scheduled.  Our normal Wednesday "Experienced" practice will be bumped to Tuesday, the 23rd (Tues, the 30th is not possible due to a UVa men's basketball game). Because the Thursday "live wrestling" practice falls directly on the holidays, we are bumping those to Fridays, the 26th and Jan 2.   So, for the week of Christmas, our practice schedule will be MondayTuesdayFriday, all starting at 6 p.m. as usual.  For New Year's week, Monday and Friday. Following that, we will resume our normal Monday, Wednesday, Thursday schedule. 


2.      Remember, we have no practice tomorrow (Thursday) night, due to the U.Va. Men's Basketball game.  Of course, tonight we will be having our usual "Experienced" practice.


3.      Our schedule of competition is coming together! We hope to finish nailing this down with the other wrestling clubs in the next couple of weeks.  For now, we want to confirm what we announced in the past couple of practices – we have a tri-meet on January 4 against Greene County and Orange County, at 2 p.m. at Orange County.  This is for both our elementary school and our middle school wrestlers.  In addition, middle school wrestlers will have a tri-meet on January 6 in Waynesboro against Kate Collins MS and Maury River MS.   We also have a good number of matches tentatively scheduled throughout January and February against teams such as Powhatan, Fork Union Military Academy, Covenant, Wilson Memorial (in Fishersville) and the Young Warriors (also in Augusta County).  When we finish nailing those down, we will let you know, and post that information on our website.  We also will try to identify one or more open tournaments for our wrestlers.


Regarding competition, as I mentioned in our first practice, wrestlers are not obligated to compete in matches.  Certainly, both experienced wrestlers and beginners are encouraged to compete.  Most wrestlers really enjoy the competition and learn a great deal from it.  But at the same time, wrestlers who do not yet feel comfortable competing will not be pressured to wrestle, at all.  As a club program, we want to teach kids both a high level of technique and a love of the sport.  Whether that means getting a kid as many matches as we can, or no matches at all until he feels ready, then we coaches will be supportive of that.  I will try to talk more about competition at next Monday's practice, when I know we will have more of our beginners there.


4.      Your U.Va. wrestling team comes back to Charlottesville for a home meet against Duke on January 16, and against Pittsburgh at January 25.  Come on out and support our team!  These guys are amazing athletes, and the wrestling skill level is superb.  Also, U.Va.'s own Nick Sulzer, currently ranked #2 in the country at his weight class and sporting a 10-0 record this year so far, was just named the ACC Wrestler of the Week!  If you see him at Onesty Hall tonight or during one of our other practices, make sure to go up and congratulate him.  He is a great young man and has been a summer camp counselor for several guys on our team.


5.      Several of you have asked me about bringing your wrestlers to local high school wrestling matches.  There will be a big HS wrestling tournament just over the mountain at Stuarts Draft HS this Friday evening andSaturday.  I know that Coach Mulcahy's Western Albemarle HS wrestling team will be there, with a number of CWC-trained wrestlers on it.  I have just heard that there will be 15 teams there from as far as Georgia on five mats, so it's a great opportunity to see what the next level looks like. 


Thanks, everybody.




John E. Davidson

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

CWC Update 12.10.14

Dear CWC Parent,

Our first week of practice is under our belt and week two is underway. Here are a few important announcements. 
  • John Davidson will be our primary coach on Mondays (Building Basics). He is also the head coach this season for the elementary age group wrestlers when we have competitions. 
  • Keith Gavin, the UVa assistant wrestling coach, will be our primary coach on Wednesdays (Advanced Techniques). 
  • John Kammauff is the head coach this season for the middle school and runs a lot of things for CWC behind the scenes. 
  • Thursday night practices will be composed of more live wrestling and run by one of the coaches. 
  • Casino Night at Veritas Winery: We are excited to announce that the Annual Casino Night Fundraiser for CWC will be held at the beautiful Veritas Winery this year! The event will be held the evening of Saturday, January 24th. Details and registration forthcoming. 
  • T-shirts: All wrestlers will be given a free t-shirt for being part of the team. In addition, we have extra shirts from prior years that we will bring to the next couple of practices. They will be available for purchase for $5. 
  • Schedule: The schedule for January/February is coming together. Details forthcoming.
  • Practice canceled next Thursday: On the night of UVa Men's basketball games, practice will be canceled. The first conflict is Thursday, Dec 18th. 
Finally, all announcements (including inclement weather) will be posted on the CWC Announcements Page on our website. Please click over now to see prior announcements. 

Jim Harshaw
CWC Assistant Coach

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Open Tournament Opportunities in Jan/Feb 2015

These are open tournaments that are hosted by various clubs and teams across central Virginia. We may choose to attend one or more of these as a team but they are open to any individual wrestler who wants to attend. Some teams attend together. Other teams have just a few wrestlers that go on their own. We encourage all wrestlers, especially those with more than one year of experience, to attend several tournaments this season.

Riverbend HS in Spotsylvania on Feb 7.  http://assets.ngin.com/attachments/document/0065/8483/Kodiak_Round_Robin_Tournament_2015.pdf 

More tournament information can be found on the Virginia Wrestling Association (VAWA) website here: http://www.virginiawrestling.com/page/show/980380-tournaments

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Middle School Tournament Dec 14th

For middle school wrestlers, there is an open tournament on Dec 14, 2014 in Fishersville.While we will not be competing in this tournament as a team, experienced wrestlers are encouraged to attend and compete. Grab a friend and carpool!